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Why give?

We want Calvary Christian Center to be known as a generous church because we serve a God who has been so generous with us. We know that we are blessed so we can bless others. Our giving is a reflection of a generous heart full of faith, trust, and gratefulness.

We would ask that you prayerfully consider making a recurring gift as way to partner with us in helping people who are far from God find life in Jesus.

ways to give


Consider the benefits of knowing your gifts to the church are automatically handled each month. You can even take advantage of your credit card award programs as you give. Whether you’re on vacation or simply forgot to bring your wallet to church, your commitment to supporting Calvary Christian Center continues.



With the convenience of Recurring Giving you can establish a giving schedule that is both consistent and comfortable for your budget. You can set up automatic withdrawals either from your checking or savings account. You can do that right here



To begin, simply send a text message of any dollar amount to (610) 486-3246. (e.g. To give $20.00, simply text “20”) You will receive a one-time message asking you to create an account. Please follow the link. NOTE: If you do not have a smartphone, you can go to to set up your account. Then, fund your gift by providing a credit/debit card. Don’t forget to save (610) 486-3246 in your contacts and support the church via text message anytime and anywhere!